Game made on Global Game Jam 2018 (PolyJam site, Poland, Warsaw)

You play as malware/virus/trojan and your only quest is to destroy data coming thru the net to end user It's player vs player game we will see who first destroy the Transfer.

Players destroys "Green blocks" with Left Punch
Players destroys "Red blocks" with Right Punch
Players destroys "Yellow blocks" with Double Punch

Keyboard : 

ActionP1  P2Other Actions
Left ALeft Arrow
RightSDown Arrow
Left PunchHNum 4choose the character
Right Punch KNum 6
Double PunchJNum 5undo a char selection
SpecialUNum 8Restart Game when sign winner is visible
CreditsINum 9When sign winner is visible

Gamepad :

(Bindings, i've used a indexes of buttons)
ActionP1+P2Other Actions
LeftLeft joy, Left
RightLeft joy Right
Left Punch3choose the character
Right Punch1
Double Punch2undo a selection
Special5Restart Game when sign winner is visible
Credits4When sign winner is visible


Download 56 MB
Download 75 MB
Download 77 MB

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